Friday, 19 July 2013

Ambrotype Textures and Action

Everyone who knows me, knows I have an abiding fascination with early photography. I just love it. The still faces, the rigid poses and the beauty that they represent, of an era gone by. 

This is why I have created these ambrotype textures, and an action to go with them too.
 I couldn't find anything, anywhere, that enabled me to transform a new image into an ambrotype image.

All I ask, is that you support my gift to you, by never reselling, altering or uploading my textures and actions to another internet site. These are for personal use only.

I would also really, really appreciate a  little like click on the ol' facebook  page --->

So, pick up your free action, and a couple of textures from my page at deviant art, 

Candy Textures

I think most people may stumble onto my blog, and wonder, what on earth are textures?? 
Textures are little things that add alot of interest to an ordinary image.

For example..

without the texture... ( I know, its nice enough, but...)

 with the texture!

So, this is why I am always creating my own textures, which you can freely download from my deviant art page,  if you use editing software.

Got creative and made these today...

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Red Flower Girl

I haven't been here for a while. I have been moving in a different direction, and learning many new things, related to photo manipulation and graphics. I really find this is the area I love playing in, more than others! Like the PS Actions, and the new textures I have been working on.

This is something else I have been working on!
Before the manipulation...

And after...